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Product Line
  Canopies & Tents
     - Backyard Canopies
     - Large Pole Canopies & Tents
     - Extra Large Pole Canopies & Tents
     - Frame Canopies
     - Navi-Trac Structure Tent
     - Canopy Extras
  Decor & Accessories
  Dance Floors/Staging
  China, Glassware & Flatware
  Interactive Inflatables, Games
  Food Serving Accessories
  Bar Equipment & Accessories
     - Portable Bars
     - Dispensing Units
     - Root beer
  Yard Art Lawn Signs
  Wedding Accessories
  White Wedding Items
  Tent Washing & Repair

     Rental Policies

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*(Canopies are listed by: Size - Number of Tables - Number of Occupants)
 Backyard Canopies
15’x15’ (3B) (24)
20’x20’ (6B) (48)
20’x30’ (8B) (64)
20’x40’ (12B) (96)
20’x20’ and 20’x30’ are appropriate for open houses and backyard parties.
Canopies are available in BLUE and WHITE, YELLOW and WHITE, RED and WHITE, GREEN and WHITE and ALL WHITE. GOLD and GREEN, ORANGE and BLACK, RED and BLACK are available in limited size and quantity for an additional price. Delivery and pick up available. Call for a quote. Set up and tear down is $50.00 for each canopy.

 Large Pole Canopies
*30’x30’ (9R or 14B) (72-112)
*30’x40’ (12R or 18B) (96-144)
*30’x45’ (12R or 18B) (108-160)
*30’x50’ (15R or 22B) (120-176)
*30’x60’ (18R or 26B) (144-208)
*30’x75’ (21R or 30B) (168-240)
*30’x90’ (24R or 34B) (192-272)

40’x40’ (16R or 22B) (128-176)
40’x60’ (24R or 30B) (192-240)
40’x80’ (30R or 40B) (240-288)
40’x100’ (36R or 50B) (288-400)
40’x120’ (48R or 60B) (384-480)
40’x140’ (56R or 70B) (448-560)

*60’x60’ (36R or 45B) (288-360)
*60’x70’ (42R or 52B) (336-416)
*60’x100’ (60R or 75B) (480-600)
*60’x120’ (72R or 90B) (576-720)

*80’x100’ (80R or 100B) (640-800)
*80’x130’ (104R or 130B) (832-1040)
*80’x160’ (128R or 160B (1024-1280)

 Frame Canopies
10’X10’ Entrance Marquee



A frame tent is a framework of aluminum pipes that support the fabric roof and define the structure’s shape. The rigid framework allows the tent to stand without additional support but, requires the same anchoring system as a pole tent to hold it securely in place, either stakes or weights.
Frame canopies prices include delivery and set up w/in Jackson City Limits. Out of town delivery is additional. *These frame canopies are available in YELLOW and WHITE OR WHITE.

 Chairs and Tables
White Padded (delivery only)
White Samsonite
Bar Stool
Bar Stool w/Back
Garden White Wash Chair
Vintage Wooden
8’ Banquet Tables (seats 8)
6’ Banquet (seats 6) .
72” Round Tables
60” Round Tables (seats 8)
48” Round (seats 6)
Umbrella Table
Cocktail Table
Card 36” x 36”
 Table Linens
Banquet 8’ 60” x 120”
Banquet Floor Length 90” x 156”
Round 90”
Round Floor Length 120”
Skirting 13 ft’
Skirting 8 ft’
Chair Wrap (Poly)
Chair Wrap (Satin)
Banquet 54” x 180”
Round 84”
Skirting 13 ft’
Round 60" Kwik Cover
Banquet 30"x8' Kwik Cover
 Table Decorations
Mirror Tiles 12" Round
Table Card Markers
Whiskey Barrels
Delivery and Pick up charges must be added.
18” Tall. Guardrail upon request. Staging comes with 1 set of steps.
Additional steps available.
 Dance Floors
Delivery and Pick up charges must be added. Gray Spectrum for indoor or outdoor use. 4’ x 4’ sections. Additional size available.



 Food And Serving Accessories
Pig Roaster $175.00 + Credit Card
Single Burner Stove (60,000 BTU)
Charcoal Grill 2x5
Propane Grill 2x3
Griddle 2x5 (Comes w/Grill)
Electric Roaster
Hot Dog Roaster w/Bun Warmer

Salad Bar 4'
Salad Bar 5'
Salad Bar 6' with Legs

Popcorn Machine - (daily/weekly)
Popcorn Bags 500 ct
Pre-mix Popcorn

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Mix (Vanilla/Chocolate)
Cones 25
Floss Sugar (1 Carton = 50/60 cones)
Cotton Candy Machine - (daily/weekly)
Sno-Cone Machine - (daily/weekly)
Sno-Cone Flavor Pump
Cones, Straws and Flavor
(100 lbs. of ice = 300 cones)
Igloo Ice Chest

Deluxe Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker (30-100 cup)
Frozen Drink Machine (2 Bowl)
1/2 Gallon Flavor mix
Acrylic Beverage Dispenser (3 Gal.)
Hot or Cold Dispenser - 5 Gallon
Hot or Cold Dispenser - 10 Gallon

Cups 12 oz 25 ct.
Cups 16 oz 25 ct.
Spoons Straws 100 ct.

Chafing Dish 8qt w/o sternos
1/2 Chafer
Soup Warmer 7qt.
Silver Serving Tray
Serving Trays/Tray Jack
Additional Pans (full or half)
Insulated Food Transporter
Hot-Box Electric Rolling
Hot-Box Non Electric Rolling
Stainless 11” Serving Spoon
Cup Cake Stand (300 Cupcakes)
Sternos (2 hour)
Table Card Markers
Pitcher Plastic or Glass
Silver Punch Bowl 12 qt
Silver Fountain (5 Gallon)
Chocolate Fountain
 Entertainment and Lighting
Selfie Booth
Fog Machine
Spot Light
Globe Lights Sphere (installed)
Globe Lights Sphere (not installed)
40 ft String, 4" Globes
Cafe' Lights (White Cord -Clear C7 Bulb)
P.A. System(2 speakers/1 amp/2 mics)
Cordless Mic (Additional $50.00 ea.)
Disco Balls 12” w/ Stand
16” w/o Stand
      Sets WILL NOT be broken Number of items per set: 6
10” Dinner Plate
8” Salad Plate
6 1/2” Desert Plate
Tea Cup
Salt and Pepper (set)
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork
Steak Knife (individual)
Champagne Flute
Wine 6 1/2 oz.
Water Goblet
Carafe 1 Liter
 Wedding Accessories
     All Candelabras come with candle - 12" white or votive
Double Heart
Heart Candelabra
Seven Branch Candelabra
Unity candle (floor)
Fan Candelabra
Spiral Candelabra
Pew Candle .
Candle Lighter
Arch Heart
Kneeling Benches
 Roman Columns
Roman 32” Column Pair
Roman 40” Column Pair
Roman 72” Column Pair
Lighted Base for Column
Chandelier, Large
Chandelier, Small
Chandelier, White Iron & Crystal
 Chocolate Fountains
Large Chocolate Fountain (For Parties 200+)
Small Chocolate Fountain (For Parties 50+)

 White Wood Items
Gazebo (Plus Delivery Charge)
Cape Winds Arch
Aisle Post
Lattice Screen (5ft.)
Wishing Well
Guest Book Stand
White Wicker Birdcage Heart
White Wicker Wishing Bell
White Wicker 42” Plant Stand
White Wicker 36” Plant Stand
White Wicker Wide Arch
White Wicker 3-Section Screen
Baby Auto Walker
Baggo Corn Hole Game
Clown Striker
Dart/Balloon Game
Duck Pond
Froggy Fly Fling
Golf Challenge
Sack Race (6 sacks)
Selfie Booth
Road Rally
Sumo Wrestling
Spin Art
Tic Tac Toss
Table Games
Tycoon Typhoon (Money Machine)
Tug-O-War Rope
Volleyball Set
 Water Activities*
Dunk Tank Tow Behind-Requires 2” Ball
Balloon Splash (Alternative to Dunk Tank)
Water Combo
13’ Slide (Wet or Dry)
16’ Slide (Wet or Dry)
18’ Slide (Wet or Dry)
Super Slip-n-Slide
Hawaiian Super Slip-n-Slide (2-Lane)
8’x8’ Baby Bubba
13’x13’ Fun House
15’x15’ Fun House
15’x15’ Dalmation
15’x’15 Jungle Jump
15’x15’ Princess Castle
15’x15’ Strong Man
15’x15’ Batman
15’x15’ Dora & Deigo
14’x21’ Dinosaur
15’x20’ Fun House
Baseball Batter-Up
Bouncer Maze
Boxing Gloves
Bungee & Hoop (2 lane)
Bungee Run (2 lane)
Deluxe Obstacle 2 pc
Deluxe Obstacle 3 pc
30' Obstacle
40' Obstacle
Giant Soccer/Baseball Dart Game
Hoop Zone Basketball
Jungle Combo
Twister Inflatable

 Yard Art Lawn Signs Each package 20+ pieces
She/He Made It - Graduation It’s a Boy
It’s a Girl Let’s Celebrate
Grim Reaper (Over the Hill) Custom
Sky Dancers
 Portable Bars and Dispensing Units
CO2 Coil Draft Box
Each of the above comes with 1 tank which drains 2 1/2 barrels

Tabletop 6ft Bar w/black skirting Taps
Supercooler Fiberglass Tub
Large Igloo Ice Chest 50 qt. Large Igloo Ice Chest 70 qt.
Igloo Ice Chest

 Canopy and Tent Extras Solid Side Walls
Mesh Walls 1.00/ft
Clear Side Walls 1.00/ft
Cathedral Window Side 1.00/ft
*Installation of sides (additional charge) .50/ft
Tent Heater Quote
String Lighting (White Cord -Clear C7 Bulb)
Globe Lights 8” Sphere (not installed)
Globe Lights 8” Sphere (installed)
Stand Up Lamps
Chicago Light

 Miscellaneous Items
Coat Rack 20-30 coats
Roll Away Bed 39
Ash Tray (Black or Glass)
Podium (Wooden)
White Chain (10 feet)
Tent Fan 12"
Misting Fan
Large Pedestal Fan
White Vinyl Picket Fence 6' x 36"
Red Carpet Runner 4' x 20'
Pipe and Drape 8' High x 10' Wide
Electric Generator